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Ultimate Organic Pills + Vitamin C & Collagen (The Most Lighting Set)

Ultimate Organic Pills + Vitamin C & Collagen (The Most Lighting Set)

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This set is for looking to lighten at least 2-4 shades lighter.  On average, should take 5-9 treatments depending on desired results. This organic ultimate pill has been designed to effectively promote the lightening of skin through the inhibition of skin pigment (melanin) production

1 x Organic Pill
1 x Vitamin C

Take (2) Organic pills and (1) Vitamin C pill TWICE daily; once before breakfast and once before dinner.

Visible results in as little as 3-6 weeks with continuous use.  

Main ingredients:
Glutathione, Vitamin C & E, Collagen

Keep out of reach of children. As with all supplements pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their physician. Glutathione has cellular protective properties that make it unsuitable for chemotherapy patients.


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