About us

AMALYS COSMETICS is committed to bringing you the highest quality, most effective, and scientifically advanced products for your skincare and hair CARE needs. Each product is carefully formulated with high grade, stable, natural ingredients and glutathione. 

Our products are made in USA specially SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. And are 5/3 HAIR care products are made in England. And are not tested ON animals. Derived from only the finest botanicals and vitamins. Our entire team at Amalys Cosmetics uses and approves each formula we develop and are constantly looking for innovative skin care and hair CARE solutions.

We work hard to ensure the best possible formulation to deliver the best results TO our customers.
We are dedicated to advanced skin care and hair CARE technology natural and organic botanicals products that really work. This commitment to quality is why we founded AMALYS COSMETICS. Our formulations correct, prevent, protect and nourish for healthy hair and glowing skin.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

AMALYS COSMETICS IS your one stop shop for skin lightening, whitening and healthy hair product. With a wide variety OF carefully developed products ranging from creams, to pills, lips treatment, lotion, gels, scrubs, toners, hair shampoo and conditioner, hair SERUM and other.

Your dream for healthy hair and having a lighter, brighter and flawless skin Will become a beautiful reality.
Whether it is freckles, acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, blotchiness or the need to have a lighter and brighter skin. AMALYS COSMETICS uses state OF the art technology and carefully selected ingredients to create products that ARE safe for skin care and hair CARE. 100% NATURAL TO give you the best results.